Kajak SPRINTER  XT Roteko
  • Kajak SPRINTER  XT Roteko
  • Kajak SPRINTER  XT Roteko
  • Kajak SPRINTER  XT Roteko
  • Kajak SPRINTER  XT Roteko
  • Kajak SPRINTER  XT Roteko
  • Kajak SPRINTER  XT Roteko
  • Kajak SPRINTER  XT Roteko
  • Kajak SPRINTER  XT Roteko
  • Kajak SPRINTER  XT Roteko
  • Kajak SPRINTER  XT Roteko
  • Kajak SPRINTER  XT Roteko
  • Kajak SPRINTER  XT Roteko

Kayak SPRINTER XT Roteko

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Tourist kayak Sprinter 2 seater in XT version 

Material: LDPE

Colour: Solar

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Kayak Sprinter version XT 

Special offers for rental companies!

Tourist kayak of the Polish company Roteko. It will work great in rental conditions. Kayak made of polyethylene. It has very comfortable folding seats. The beak protruding above the water line, it allows you to overcome numerous obstacles. Folded backrests make it easy to transport.

Kayak Sprinter is a popular kayak enjoying ever-growing recognition among rafting organizers and owners of kayak rentals. Its universal design and the possibility of using it both on winding, narrow rivers and on calm waters of the lake means that this kayak has a wide range of dedicated users.

The replaceable cap for the keel in the Sprinter kayak is a solution to the problem of rubbing the material when dragging the kayak on the shore.

They are recommended for both advanced people as well as less experienced swimmers.

The Sprinter kayak has been produced since 2010.

In the equipment version, the XT has a polyethylene handle integrated with the kayak for large rental companies that had a problem with breaking hands.

Features of the kayak Sprinter equipment version XT

  • kayak made of polyethylene.
  • simple design – easy assembly, minimum parts that can be damaged,
  • folding comfortable seats – the possibility of transporting paddies inside the kayak,
  • high cockpit – limiting the pouring of water into the kayak,
  • the shape of the beak improving the buoyancy of the kayak,
  • and maneuvering, improving the form of 2018.
  • unsinkable design – safety on the water
  • comfortable integral polyethylene handles, modeled in the form of a kayak – free carrying, transporting the kayak
  • protection of the keel tip

Kayak Standard Sprinter Equipment Version XT

  • Polyethylene construction
  • 2 seats with backrests and space for a drink
  • 2 kayak carrying handles modeled in the form - integral
  • Set of footrests for the back
  • Keel cap

ROTEKO color photos : http://kajakowo.net/KOLORY ROTEKO

The color NEMO is otherwise orange stripes.

* The color to order must be determined in advance - whether the factory is able to produce one and what will be the waiting time. The surcharge ranges from PLN 0 to PLN 200 depending on the availability of color and the complexity of production and the number of kayaks ordered.


we try to keep all the information on our websites as up-to-date as possible, but we must stipulate that all our suppliers make improvements to the equipment, so it happens that its equipment or construction details are slightly different from those described here.

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Data sheet

4.14 m
0.78 m
0.37 m
260 kg
Cockpit length
1.98 m
Cockpit width
0.50 m
Number of seats

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