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  • By phone: (+48) 785-11-85-85 or (+48) 531-118-585

  • Mail: or

The shipment of the order takes place only after the e-mail approval by the store staff of the order.


Payments for purchases in the online store

  • Prepayment to the account – payment by bank transfer (we try to send the account number for payment very quickly, if you send the bank confirmation to us, we will send the parcel very quickly)



Payments for in-store purchases

Monday - Friday 8.30 -16.30 (alternatively you can arrange otherwise also on weekends)

  • Payments for purchases in the store – gotówka or instant transfer, we accept PLN and, or EUR (current purchase rate)


Parcel Prices


  • ordinary shipments, small up to 30 kg (prepayment 19 PLN,), package length max. 1.00 meters.

  • shipping of padds max. 14 padds max. 2.25m (prepayment 80 PLN), larger quantities of padds - individual valuation

  • shipment of folding aluminum paddies max. 14 paddies (prepayment 40 PLN, ), larger number of paddies - individual valuation
  • shipment of folding coal paddies max. 10 padds (prepayment 40 PLN,larger quantities of paddies - individual valuation
  • kayak transport (1 piece of kayak) - individual valuation, 200 - 500 PLN around Poland. Transport is priced individually each time. If we are to quote the shipment, please provide the postal code and the city of the addressee. The quote takes a maximum of 2 business days. The shipping price depends on the size of the kayak and the distance from our warehouses. Prices for shipping one kayak range from PLN 200 to PLN 500.

  • transport of more kayaks is determined individually, individual valuation,

  • transport of trailers is determined individually, individual valuation,

Kayak and parcel shipments to the EU European Union

It is possible to send a package, including kayaks to European Union countries, e-mail valuation of the package.

We send packages, kayaks to European Union countries. Wir schicken Flurstücke Kanus Länder der Europäischen Union.

Valuations are made individually. Wir machen individuellen Preisgestaltung.

E-mail contact:


Available and confirmed by e-mail goods are sent within 24 hours from the time of posting the payment – from Monday to Friday. In exceptional cases, shipping may take longer. The Customer Service Office is open until Monday to Friday from 8.3 to 16.30.

Due to the quality and safety of shipments, we send parcels by COURIER. We use proven forwarding companies: DHL, DPD.

Data for the transfer:

We send the account number to customers only after checking the availability of goods.

KAYAK Arkadiusz Kucharski

Zakrzówek Szlachecki 191

97-561 Ładzice

Title: Name, Surname, Order Number

We make every effort to ensure that the information about the availability of goods is up-to-date, i.e. consistent with the actual state of stock levels. However, we reserve the possibility that due to the diverse nature of the distribution, there may be a situation that the availability of visible states on the website of the online store will not be consistent with the facts. In this case, the purchaser will receive a message about us and will be able to withdraw from the order or modify it by changing the goods or the time of dispatch of the goods. We import kayak equipment from all over the world. We try to do it efficiently and as quickly as possible.