Kajak Roteko JETT EcoLine
  • Kajak Roteko JETT EcoLine
  • Kajak Roteko JETT EcoLine
  • Kajak Roteko JETT EcoLine
  • Kajak Roteko JETT EcoLine
  • Kajak Roteko JETT EcoLine
  • Kajak Roteko JETT EcoLine
  • Kajak Roteko JETT EcoLine
  • Kajak Roteko JETT EcoLine
  • Kajak Roteko JETT EcoLine
  • Kajak Roteko JETT EcoLine
  • Kajak Roteko JETT EcoLine
  • Kajak Roteko JETT EcoLine
  • Kajak Roteko JETT EcoLine

400 - Roteko JETT Standard

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Manufacturer: Roteko

Tourist and Expedition Kayak

Colour: Blue & White
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Kayak JETT EcoLine - Lift 2018!!!

Kayak Jett in 2018, underwent further changes, which primarily affected the reduction of its price, without loss of quality, buoyancy and general visual outline. Currently, this kayak is made of LDPE polyethylene. The rear load compartment has been slightly differently contoured. The kayak can be additionally equipped with a waterproof luggage compartment with a rubber lid, which will make it easier for a potential user to use this option.

The JETT kayak from Roteko is an excellent proposition for individual users who value independence. The contoured bottom allows you to feel confident in the kayak. The slender silhouette means that the kayak allows you to develop relatively high speeds while maintaining the direction given. This makes swimming in calm waters, for which this model is intended, not boring.

A specially profiled keel makes it easier to safely overcome possible obstacles (descent from an obstacle), giving fun while maintaining a sense of security even for less advanced kayakers. This also makes it possible to use JETT on calmer river runs. An undeniable advantage is the relatively small weight that allows you to independently carry the kayak or load it on the roof of the car as well as super comfortable seats. The kayak is perfect for rentals by lakes and calm waters.

Features of the Jett EcoLine Kayak:

  • solid construction made of polyethylene LDPE - ensures long-term use
  • resistance to damage
  • super comfortable seat with space for a drink
  • simple design – replaceable most critical parts of the kayak,
  • high cockpit limiting cockpit splashes,
  • slim silhouette for fast swimming
  • contoured bottom - easy to maintain direction
  • unsinkable design,

Jett EcoLine Kayak Standard:

  • polyethylene LDPE construction
  • seat with backrest and space for drink
  • 2 handles for carrying kayak "T"
  • set of footrests
  • keel cap

Additional paid options:

  • luggage compartment (lid+bulkhead)
  • the lid itself
  • drainage plug
  • overlay on the beak
  • map holder to the front
  • map holder to the back
  • map holder grid
  • seat "SPORT" for an extra charge

(The valuation of each version can be made by the store, please inquiries)

Kayak dimension

  • Cockpit: 100cm x 51 cm external dimension
  • Cockpit circumference 256 cm external dimension

In the pictures of the kayak in Blue and White you can see the Standard version on the seat "Standard" with a map holder front and a map holder rear.

we try to keep all the information on our websites as up-to-date as possible, but we must stipulate that all our suppliers make improvements to the equipment, so it happens that its equipment or construction details are slightly different from those described here.

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Data sheet

4 m
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189 kg
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Cockpit length
0.96 m
Cockpit width
0.47 m
Number of seats
YES, ZigZag
Luggage compartment
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