Kajak SPRINTER II Roteko 2+1 HDPE Lift
  • Kajak SPRINTER II Roteko 2+1 HDPE Lift

Kayak SPRINTER II Roteko 2+1 HDPE

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Proven model of a two-seater kayak 2+1 Sprinter II Lift

Material : HDPE

Manufacturer : ROTEKO

Colour: Turquoise-Blue

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Kayak Sprinter II Roteko Lift

A new version of the Sprinter II, refined design based on many years of testing and feedback from individual customers and rental companies.

The kayak is made of HDPE polyethylene with increased strength and hardness, which provides a durable, rigid structure. Comfort, safety and good buoyancy are the main advantages of the Sprinter II.

Ideally suited for people who are just starting their adventure with kayaking. This kayak is suitable for both difficult rivers with obstacles, as well as quiet rafting or active rest on the lake.

The kayak is equipped with comfortable, folding seats with space for a drink, which improve the comfort of sitting in the kayak. The removable seat for the child has been replaced by a more comfortable and functional console with a small backrest. The backrest can be set in three positions, or completely disassembled. The console affects the rigidity and durability of the kayak bottom. Thanks to the console, we also have more space for transporting paddle in the kayak (it can accommodate up to 15 paddle). This design change will be especially appreciated by large rental companies.

After further tests of the kayak in the 2018 season, further changes were introduced, improving its functionality:

  • screw-on handles have been replaced with more comfortable, kayak-modeled polyethylene handles
  • the bottom has gained additional embossing to strengthen the bow structure
  • the kayak's beak has a slimmer shape, making it look nicer

The standard equipment of the kayak includes:

  • folding armchairs with space for a drink,

  • zig-zag footrests – multi-stage, made of durable plastic, 2 pairs

  • front rigging – map holder made of flexible cables,

  • replaceable cap for keel,

  • drain plug on the bow, allowing the outflow of accumulated water from the kayak,

  • durable, ergonomic handles, making it easy to carry the kayak,

  • console with a child backrest.

Like all kayaks Roteko in 2020 can be produced in three types of polyethylene:

- HD standard - very strong polyethylene, resistant to mechanical damage;

- HD+ standard - kayaks with an additional amount of HD polyethylene at the bottom, suitable for rivers with a very stony bottom;

- the latest FOMAX technology:

Thenew FOMAX technology, which is carried out at Roteko , is lighter polyethylene while maintaining excellent rigidity and hardness of the material.

Technology is advancing at an incredible pace. Also Roteko conducts constant research and innovations in production processes. The last few years have been working on

creating your own material that will be hard, strong and light at the same time. Thanks to these efforts and the investments made, FOMAX technology was developed.

FOMAX is a layered polyethylene. The outer surface of the kayak is a hard solid layer of polyethylene permanently attached to the inner, thick, strongly foamed layer.

The total thickness of the kayak wall reaches several millimeters. A few kilograms lighter kayak and stronger than standard.

Thanks to the closure of the entire technological process within the company Roteko from plastic granules to the finished kayak, very good economic results were achieved.

A kayak made of layered polyethylene in FOMAX technology does not have to be significantly more expensive than a traditionally produced one.

The use of FOMAX technology in the production of kayaks is of great importance. Kayaks have a large longitudinal surface. In the traditionally used method, wanting to preserve

adequate rigidity of such surfaces must be used large amounts of polyethylene. This results in a large weight of kayaks.

The use of FOMAX technology noticeably reduces the amount of material consumed.

Available colors in standard production:

  • yellow-red (sunny)

  • yellow-green

  • blue-white

  • red-black

  • red

  • green

  • blue

  • lime (Yellow/Green darker)

Available colors in non-standard production:

  • pink-purple

  • yellow
  • khaki

  • Blue/White/Blue Shaphire

  • 3 color versions

  • pink

  • Pink/Purple

  • green/white/blue

  • white/red

  • Other


  • length 425 cm

  • width 80 cm

  • cockpit: 221 x 49 cm

  • side height 30 cm

  • height max 34 cm

  • weight 38 kg

  • displacement 280 kg

  • cockpit inside 220 cm x 47 cm

we try to keep all the information on our websites as up-to-date as possible, but we must stipulate that all our suppliers make improvements to the equipment, so it happens that its equipment or construction details are slightly different from those described here.

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Data sheet

4.25 m
0.80 m
0.30 m
280 kg
37 kg
Cockpit length
2.21 m
Cockpit width
0.49 m
Number of seats
2 + option for the child
Luggage compartment
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