450 - Pyranha Speeder Connect

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Versatile Kayak Pyranha River Tour

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5 399,00 zł gross


Length4.50 m
Width0.60 m
Displacement366 ltr
Scales22 kg
Cockpit length0.90 m
Cockpit width0.50 m
Number of seats1
FootrestsAdjustable table top, or "shark teeth"
Luggage compartmentYes
Kayaker Weight55-125 kg

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Kayak Pyranha Speeder Connect

Kayak Pyranhy model Speeder is a very versatile kayak. For all rowers who like to play on the water and those who like to develop higher speeds while rowing. It is a universal kayak that is suitable for short and longer trips. It has a luggage compartment where we can pack the necessary items. It is maneuverable and stable, allows you to enjoy any trip - river, lake or sea. We can easily swim the Speeder even with shallow water. It is a great kayak for a competitive and expedition. Swimming it is, above all, great fun.


The hull of the kayak in the shape of the letter U - d aje mu is an unparalleled efficiency in the water, thanks to whichthe Speeder model is so much fast kayak,

Long waterline - thus obtains great speed and guidance through the water and maximizes its efficiency,

Low stern wings - withmodified shallow stern wings give a very impressive secondary stability and allow the kayak to tilt during the u turn, allowing the shape of the fuselage to induce a u turn, which gives the Speeder exceptional maneuverability and the ability to turn around, phenomenal for a so long kayak,

Connect seat - to increase the comfort of the kayaker,adjustable padded seat with adjustable backrest and ugrips on the da,

Handles for carrying - ugrips are made with ulife climbing tape,

Foam bulkhead - dgives the kayak additional buoyancy.

Kayak sizeUniversal
Kayak length450cm
Outer length of the cockpit90cm
Outer width of the cockpit49.5cm
Kayak weight22kg
Optimal kayaker weight55 - 125kg

we try to keep all the information on our websites as up-to-date as possible, but we must stipulate that all our suppliers make improvements to the equipment, so it happens that its equipment or construction details are slightly different from those described here.


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450 - Pyranha Speeder Connect

450 - Pyranha Speeder Connect

Versatile Kayak Pyranha River Tour

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